Our Story

Luxurious Peace was created with one goal in mind,


As the founder of Luxurious Peace, I’m on a mission of self-preservation and holistic healing. With over three decades of battling Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema), My personal journey fuels my dedication to redefining beauty norms and empowering individuals with skin disorders.
Diagnosed with chronic Atopic Dermatitis at age 5, my childhood was marked by Vaseline and corticosteroids. An unexpected resurgence of eczema post-motherhood led me into the realm of holistic healing after a health scare in 2018 revealed the toxicity within.
My pursuit of healing led to the birth of Luxurious Peace, a haven for those seeking organic solutions for skin and overall wellness.
As a mother and advocate, I passionately protect my children and others from the pitfalls of prescription drugs, toxic substances, and harmful influences. My journey, colored by Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), has transformed me into an advocate for people of color in health and wellness. My experiences have woven me into a mentor, artisan, and high-grade healer, all in pursuit of protecting peace and nurturing well-being.
Targeting sensitive skin is my aim, and creating natural products is my game!
 woman at natural products expo west
Peace, Love & Light,
Empress Ayr