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Luxurious Peace

Carnelian Crystal Bracelet

Carnelian Crystal Bracelet

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Stimulate your Sacral Chakra 
Affirm - I am a deeply sensual and I bring forth my energies with grace and confidence.

Did you know?
The word carnelian comes from the latin root carnis, which means flesh. Hence the coincidence given both its color, and the fact that carnelian works very well to help us appreciate the pleasures of the flesh and all of its beauty. 
  • Carnelian promotes personal power, vitality, energy, drive, strength and courage.
  • Carnelian is great for fertility and maintaining a healthy reproductive system.
  • Carnelian helps with expressing our creative self and to helps us bring our creation to the world.
  • Carnelian is great for work and business-related endeavors as it promotes concentration and the ability to think analytically.
  • On an emotional level, it helps prevent emotions of envy or anger from taking hold within us.
  • Carnelian can be used effectively to cleanse other crystals.
  • Wear them stacked or one at a time! Each order comes with one Carnelian Bracelet and Lux Gem Bag.
Made in the USA
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