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Luxurious Peace

Howlite Stone Bracelet

Howlite Stone Bracelet

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Stimulate your Crown Chakra

  • Howlite is a calming stone. It can help calm an overactive mind and reduce anxiety
  • Howlite strengthens memory and stimulates the desire for knowledge
  • Howlite assist with the healing of bone disorders, dental pain and osteoporosis
  • Howlite is great for breastfeeding as this stone is noted to stimulate lactation
  • 7 and 8mm high-quality Howlite stones
  • Custom gold overlay Zinc-alloy metal bead
  • 0.8mm elastic cord
  • This stretch bracelet has an adjustable length to fit around your wrist comfortably
  • This bracelet is designed to fit wrist sizes 8 to 12 inches

  • Fits 7 to 10 inch wrists comfortably
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