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Luxurious Peace

Agate Stone Bracelets

Agate Stone Bracelets

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AGATE: Protection - Strength - Courage

The many shades of Agate offer courage, protection and grounding energy by enhancing feelings of security. If you are in a season of worry or overthinking, Agate can invite healing energy to your inner world.
Agate is formed in the cavities of ancient volcanic rocks. After the rock cools, microcrystal fibers collect as water pools passes through. The layers build up over time, the different colors reflect the differences in the water’s composition. The result is a colorful reminder of the power of strength built with time.

Astrology Overview of agate:
Zodiac sign supported: Virgo, Gemini
Planet Assisted: Moon
Chakras: Crown Chakra
Favorable element: Earth
Vibration: 7
• Increases energy and concentration
• Promotes inner stability and maturity
• Brings balance and joy in life


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