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Malachite Stone Bracelet

Malachite Stone Bracelet

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Stimulate your Heart Chakra 
Affirm - I am open to universal change.

Did you know?
The name Malachite comes from the Greek word malakee or malache, signifying the resemblance of Mallow leaves, or from the Greek word malakos, meaning soft. This stone is well known to ancient Egyptians, Malachite mines were in use as early as 4000 BC. It was also popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans, for jewelry, ornaments, and in powdered form, for eye shadow.

  • Malachite is the Stone of Protection and Transformation.
  • It assists in changing situations and providing room for spiritual growth.
  • Malachite is believed to enhance great visionary powers.
  • Malachite is used to ward off negative happenings.
  • Malachite draws out impurities and stimulates the Life Force throughout the aura and body.
  • Malachite is an effective remedy for regulating the menstrual cycle and cramps, and for easing labor. It has been called the Midwife Stone.
  • Malachite is known to relieve cold sweats, malaria, trembling, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Malachite helps with asthma, intestinal problems, and rheumatic pain.
  • Malachite is a diuretic stone and can help cure kidney and gallstones.
  • Malachite is known to fight osteoarthritis, most notably in the spine.
  • Malachite strengthens memory.
  • Malachite is known to lower blood pressure.
  • Malachite also treats epilepsy, travel sickness, and vertigo.
  • Wear them stacked or one at a time! Each order comes with one Malachite Stone Bracelet and Lux Gem Bag.
6mm high-quality Malachite stones 0.8mm elastic cord
This stretch bracelet has an adjustable length to fit around your wrist comfortably
Fits most average adult size wrists
Fits 7 to 10 inch wrists comfortably
This stone was sourced in Congo
Made in the USA
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